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Parent and Caregiver Training

In order for behavioral therapy to be effective, it is essential that all people who interact with the client are trained on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our goal as behavior analysts is to work ourselves out of our job, which means we want to empower all caregivers with behavior techniques and procedures, so they can implement these techniques without assistance from a professional. We view caregivers as an essential part of assessment, treatment planning, and treatment.

In order to help improve the quality of life for the child and family, we will provide caregiver training through different modes such as reviewing written material, modeling, and coaching. Treatment goals will be targeted in all environments to assist with generalization of skills. Some of the areas of the training includes: arranging the environment to support independence, being a responsive communication partner for the child, supporting the client’s engagement and language development, teaching the child new skills, responding to problem behaviors, and collecting data.