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About Us

Autism & Behavior Services

Autism & Behavior Services (ABS) is a 501-c(3) non-profit organization providing a wide range of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to individuals with learning or behavioral difficulties. We have been serving the Chattanooga area since 2008 and were the first ABA clinic in Chattanooga.  We serve families, community organizations, and schools

ABA is the most solid therapeutic approach to assist people with problematic behaviors and it is recognized by being the most effective intervention for people with autism.  We serve individuals with autism spectrum disorders as well as individuals diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Learning Disabilities, Down Syndrome, and other developmental disabilities, along with behavioral and emotional problems. Each clients’ programs are individualized according to their strengths and areas of need, based on assessments. Parents are seen as an integral component of the intervention. All parents will be trained by ABS staff to implement all behavioral programs in the natural environment.

Our Mission

ABS exists to empower individuals and families, impacted by autism and other developmental disabilities, through the evidence based principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to become valued, contributing members of their community.

What We Do

Applied Behavior Analysis is a unique method of treatment based on the idea that the most important human behavior is learned over time and that it is currently maintained by consequences in the environment. Our job as a behavior analyst is to work with your child’s behavior that you would like to change. With your input, we can help you discover what is maintaining a behavior, discover more appropriate replacement behaviors, and then set up a plan to teach those behaviors. We can also develop a plan to help your child acquire a new behavior or improve your child’s skill level. Some of the time we will be working your child directly and at other times we may be training you and/or significant others as well.

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