Below you will find some testimonials of our past clients:


“Thank you for your thoughtful and caring commitment to our clients.
It is imperative for us to have people in our centers who respect and work
well with a broad range of children and adults and we feel that our working
relationship with your group has provided that balance and fulfilled those needs.
Our center staff has been very complimentary of your training, and they of course
have been exposed to a lot of training through out the years. One teacher did
express to me that it was the best behavior training that she had attended.
I am most appreciative of your promptness in sending the reports and information
to me, so we can begin our behavior plans with the children.
Thanks again for your services, it has been a pleasure to work with you.”

– Carolyn, Sequatchie Valley Head Start


“After our daughter was diagnosed with autism at 19 months of age, we explored several early intervention options in the Chattanooga area. We wanted to find the best therapy fit for our daughter so she could learn and grow in a supportive, individual-tailored, play-based program. Autism Behavior Services has provided us with valuable parent training in ABA methods of instruction. We strongly attribute many of the advancements in communication our daughter has achieved over the last six months to strategies we have learned and practiced with Laura during our sessions and carried out in the home during our daily routines. We work together constantly as a parent-therapist team to update goals and problem-solve challenges that arise. We believe Autism Behavior Services is a valuable addition to the early intervention network in this city, and feel extremely fortunate that our daughter has developed a good relationship with them and benefited so greatly from the services they provide.”
– Stacey Porter & Chris Webb, parents of Cora (2-year-old daughter with ASD)


“My name is Carolyn Thorton. I am the paternal grandmother of D’Mari Tyree Canion, who is current in my custody. D’Mari is a 3 year old male who was referred to Autism and Behavior Services from Tennessee Early Intervention System. When D’Mari first stated therapy, D’Mari had limited communication, behavior problems, and also trouble sleeping at night. When D’Mari wanted something he didn’t know how to express his needs or wants, he would become very irritated. D’Mari started therapy on September 25, 2008 till December 9, 2008. D’Mari had two Analyst working with him 10 hours a week with session in the home and as well in the clinic. Within that length of time, D’Mari’s language skill, fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills has developed. I am very grateful for Autism and Behavior Services. My grandson D’Mari has a chance to become successful in life thanks to Autism and Behavior Services.”
-Carolyn Thorton


“I was ready to pull my hair out. Hearing my cell phone ring at any time during the school day was extremely stressful. I knew it was going to be another call that said, come and get him. He’s hitting the teacher, and I just can’t have that. I also heard, “We’re just not putting up with it today.” That made me wonder why today was any different from other days. I am a teacher with 15 years of experience. I even teach middle school, so why was my own 4 year old behaving wore than my prepubescent students? And to make things even more stressful, his twin brother was starting to join in the commotion.”

“We have been to see the pediatrician, a psychologist, and a counselor over the course of a year. I cried to all of them. No one could give me a medical reason for the awful behavior- hitting, spitting, throwing chairs, even refusing to potty train. In tears yet again, I finally called my best friend who is working on a doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis (not near here, of course). She made a few calls and sent me a name and a phone number. I spanked, cried, prayed, taken my sons home, and even changed schools…. twice! I prayed that the name on the text message would be the answer I needed for my boys to be successful in school. Autism & Behavior Services turned out to be the catalyst for change in my son’s life.”

“Laura immediately began observations at the daycare to see what was happening. After the first observation, I discovered immediately that the daycare was not going to be willing to work with us to make improvements for my son. I moved the twins to another school and warned them about my boys, especially the youngest and most dramatic. I also made sure that the teachers and staff would be willing to work with me to help change the behaviors.”

“The teachers worked with Laura to set up a program to help my son feel successful. He needed praise fro doing the right things and he needed it immediately. Waiting for a reward was not an option. The team from Autism & Behavior Services worked with the teachers to develop a plan that allowed my son to get the praise he so desperately needed. I also was able to see what the problems were and when they were happening. He now earns dots for acceptable behavior and I get a report every day. The problems with the twins have stopped.”

“Almost two years of frustration and stress, I look forward to picking my children up at the end of the day. I am glad to see my son’s smiling face when he announces how many “dots” he has earned. Eight has become the acceptable number, and ten is awesome. He gets a reward at school in the form of a story or special hug from the teacher and I reward at home with special snacks, meals out, television time, or games. I know that my son will be able to learn in kindergarten next year. He will be able to wait his turn and listen to the teacher. A thousand thank-you’s are not enough to express how grateful I am for the expertise for Autism & Behavior Services. You have rescued my son from problems we did not understand. We still have bad days occasionally, but they are not the norm. I have a plan to address the problems as they come, as do the teachers.”

“Thank you for restoring the smile on my son’s face. Thank you for helping my son become proud of his accomplishments. Thank you for bringing peace back to our lives. Thank you for being the first effective solution to the problem. It has been worth every penny! I wish that I found you two years ago.”

— Paula Reed, Mother of 5 year twin boys


I took my four year old son to Wal-Mart recently and stayed there for three hours. While most moms might not think this is all that exciting, to me it was something of a miracle. Due to my son McClain’s unpredictable and sometimes severe behaviors, going out anywhere in the past few years has been almost impossible. One attempt I made a while back to have a nice family breakfast resulted in McClain laying in the floor of IHOP, screaming at the top of his lungs, and attempting to push the tables together like they were the last time we were there. This little adventure resulted in a lady coming up to him telling him a “bad man was going to get him” if he did not calm down. While this had absolutely no effect on redirecting McClain into a more positive dining mood, we have finally found a place that can!

McClain began attending Autism & Behavior Services in January 2009. Since then, the improvements we have seen in his behaviors are dramatic. My mom swears that she could tell a difference after the first week. McClain’s tantrums have significantly reduced, his sibling and peer relationships have improved, and his language skills have exploded. Most importantly to me, McClain has developed a confidence and pride in himself that was never there before. ABS is teaching him invaluable skills which are helping him cope with every aspect of his daily life. 

McClain will probably always be a little eccentric, a lot bossy and extremely opinionated. However, where as before these character traits were holding him back, ABS is giving him ways to be himself but in a calmer more appropriate manner, (e.g. You DO NOT get in the face of the waitress and scream “YES YOU DO HAVE ORANGE JUICE” when you are told that they are out!).

For our family, the services from ABS have made everything from doctor’s visits to family birthday parties (activities we used to hesitantly attend and hastily leave) better for McClain. I don’t know where he would be right now without ABS but I do know that I love where he is going! The services McClain is receiving have op end new doors for him in his little life, I think that our now weekly trips to Wal-Mart are just the beginning! Thanks ABS for all you have done for us!!!

—Leann Merrell, Mother of a 4 year old