Scholarship funds:

Individuals donating to the scholarship fund will be providing individuals the opportunity to participate in any of the ABS programs for free or reduced cost. Since the services we provide to families and individuals is generally not covered by insurance it is out of reach of most families. By donating to the Scholarship fund, families who would not been able to obtain effective intervention for their children will be able to receive services from ABS. Individual recipients will be decided by the board of directors based on information obtain by scholarship application.

Materials Funds:

Education individuals with autism and related disabilities requires extensive amount of educational materials such as educational toys, manipulative’s, and sensory items. The cost of these materials can be enormous but it is a necessary part of an effective program. You can either donate money towards this fund or donate an item off our wish list (to be added soon).

General Operating Funds:

For those individuals unsure of which fund to donate to, can donate to the general operating funds. Those donating to the general operating funds will be used to improved the program offered by ABS such as staff and parent training, technology, scholarship money for ABS staff going to conferences, or a research project.

You can donate to Autism & Behavior Services by clicking on this pay-pal link:

or you can send checks payable to Autism & Behavior Services
6105 Preservation Drive, Suite D
Chattanooga, TN 37416

All Donations are tax-deductible.