Autism & Behavior Services is the first clinic based setting in the Chattanooga area serving children with autism and related disabilities utilizing teaching principles of Applied Behavior Analysis by a Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA).

The most scientifically validated treatment for Autism today is Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA). This type of program is not currently covered by most medical insurance companies making it difficult for families to obtain appropriate therapy for their children. When children with autism obtain effective early intervention, long-term cost of care can reduce the amount by two-thirds.

ABS believes that all children can learn and reach their maximum potential. ABS strives to help individuals with autism and related disabilities develop skills that will help facilitate full participation in community life.

ABS believes that individuals with autism need pre-requisite skills before they participate in an inclusive setting. Individuals with autism who do not have observational learning skills are not able to learn by observing others. Thus, we believe it is imperative for these individuals to have a one on one teaching ratio. With this one on one teaching ratio, the clinicians are able to interrupt and redirect stereotypic or repetitive behavior immediately and consistently minimizing “downtime” and promoting sustained engagement.

We also believe that parents are the first teachers and it is important to assist, support, and train parents so that children can learn in all environments and generalize skills.

Since Insurance companies do not pay for such intensive early intervention services, Autism & Behavior Services needs your support to help us change the lives of individuals with autism and their families. Please see our page “how to donate” to learn more.