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Autism Acceptance and Awareness Month!

What is autism? Continued! As we discuss what is autism this week, we have provided more information and resources to answer this weeks question! Be sure to slide through for more information of “What is Autism?” and resources for additional information.

Happy autism awareness and acceptance month! This week’s topic: What is autism? Throughout the week we will be going over the insights of autism, looking in depth at what autism is. Be sure to come back for more helpful information throughout the week! 

It’s time to celebrate! It is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month! For the whole month of April we will be joining in the celebration of autism! Be sure to follow us on our journey of walking through the awareness, action, inclusion and acceptance of autism.

Seasonal Activities

April is near which means its time to prepare for Easter! Join our ABS fam as we prepare fun crafts and activities throughout the week! We have provided some great resources to utilize for these activities. 🐰🐣

The first activity is a picture exchange communication system. This is perfect in time for spring with all the new baby animals! 

The second activity is a great resource for seasonal vocabulary and a wonderful tool for seasonal books! 

We hope you and your kiddos enjoy these first activities for the week! For more information on these wonderful activities see the resource above!

What a great idea! Little Bins for Little Hands has been such a fun and great resource for this upcoming Easter. If you want your child to work on fine motor skills mixed with color matching, this is the perfect resource and activity!

Be sure to check out their site for more information and details on activities! 🐣🐰🐥🥚